Monday, September 14

supplementary exam

tommorrow I'm gonna to take economic supp paper lu ....
so sad ...1st sem also got subject failed ...
paid RM200 .... sakit hati nia ...
RM200 can use to buy quite many things lo....
anyway, I want to study hard hard to ensure no supp exam for the following sem..

now studying economics... quite no mood to study de ...
but ..... have to do it... gambateh ba !!! ish !!!
after supp exam, I plan to watch singapore GHOST movie
hopefully I can pass the exam ! no retake ah !!!

well, I'm blogging and listening to my idol sing while resting from study..
hope MC can give me ENERGY !!! wahaha...
and now I keep praying praying ..... MUST PASS !
Gambateh neh ...KarfoOoo ~

Thanks to my friends who support me ^ ^
feel warm ~ ~

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